Let’s bring out the hidden power of “BONES”!

The series has sold a total of 300,000 copies!

Currently Japan has become super-aging society, and people are facing big problems including medical and nursing care expenses. Many people know that regular physical activity is good for them, but they don’t exercise for variety of reasons.  
Japanese Bone Stretch (J.B.S) is very simple and effective to everyone. Also people who don’t like exercise can easily keep doing it as their routines.
Stretching muscle is currently a common activity for flexibility. However, with stretching they are risks if you overstretch you can pull in your muscle and have an injury. On the other hand, J.B.S is an innovative method that balances your whole body and improves flexibility and range of motion by moving “Bone Structure.”

Moreover, you train your core without even realizing it.
One of the reasons many people a happy with this exercise is that they quickly feel the positive result in their body. You don’t need to have any tools or equipments, but you can do it anytime, anywhere!

Introduced on famous TV show!

J.B.S was introduced on a famous TV program, it’s called “Shu-Ichi”. Mr. Matsumura appeared on “Nakayama’s Ichiban” show. In the show, Mr. Hideki Nakayama, who was a main host in the show, tried a couple of J.B.S methods. He’d tried and compared standing forward flexion test before and after the exercise. It came up the result of 16cm better flexible after the exercise than before. Mr. Nakayama likes playing baseball, so we asked him to do shadow pitching drills by holing towel to compare before and after the exercise. Mr. Nakayama was surprised that his motion got smoother and faster pitching after the exercise.
He was very surprised, excited, and happy how much J.B.S was simple, easy, and effective for him.

Why do people quickly feel the benefit of J.B.S with such a simple exercise?

One of special and unique points J.B,S is “Making a loop by touching your pinky tip to tip of your thumb” which is called neutral position. The role of thumb is breaking, and the role of pinky is accelerating. You will relax your body with this “neutral position” because you are offsetting power of breaking and accelerating.
Another special point of J.B.S is “Touching both sides of your joints with using other hand thumb and pinky” during the exercise.
Especially, important joints to hold are wrists, ankles, and collarbones. Holding sides of synovial joints will cause the limited movements of arms and/or legs. By doing this, you are using more of your trunk.

Japanese Bone Stretch focuses on movement of “Bones, Joints, and Muscles”; therefore, reducing muscles stiffness and tightly joints.
Japanese Bone Stretch is good for not only athletes to improve their performance or to reduce being injured, but also effective to people to relief stiff shoulders, increase beauty, and to loose their weight.

Discovering Hidden power of “Bones” at newest scientific

Recently, function of “Bones” was picked up on a TV program, called Mysteries of granitic human body network, at NHK. According to newest scientific study, unexpected power of “Bones” produces youthfulness of human body by passing special material to the whole body. The special material comes from “Bones”, and it delivers it all over the body including “brain” and “muscles”.
When this message is delivered to brain, you can increase “the ability of memory power”. Moreover, it becomes clear that it helps the increase “immunity system” and reduces sickness.

If this message from “Bones” is stopped, it’s said that it causes accelerated aging due to “decreasing memory”, “lowering immunity”, and “weakling muscles”. A research suggests that all organs of body are kept younger as long as “Bones” are in healthy condition.

Key of the best rejuvenation material from “Bones” is the “pressure” on the “Bones”

When the “Bones” feel the pressure, it increases “the density of bones”. It is also said that “Bones” are sensing the pressure in the body.
From this, we think that J.B.S has an effect on the human body because the methods are always approaching the movement of the “Bones”.

Starting research of Japanese Bone Stretch with Kyoto University!

We concluded a contract of consignment study with Kyoto University on 12/21/2017.

<Title of research>
“Verification of effect on improving motional function
by Japanese Bone Stretch and WT-Line® shoes”

Graduate school of Informatics, system science Professor. Manabu Kano
/ Graduate school of Engineering Assistant Professor. Sanghong Kim

Studying of Japanese Bone Stretches from different angles in cooperation with Professor Manabu Kano and Assistant Professor Sanghong Kim.

Expanding of Japanese Bone Stretch in the World!

In September 2016, J.B.S workshop was held in Los Angeles. We also introduced J.B.S at Japanese festival at Orange County. We introduced and performed some J.B.S methods on the stage at the festival with many people. Some people were excited about the positive effect. Some people said “How amazing!”, and others were surprised by the benefit of the exercise.
Japanese Bone Stretch is simple, easy, and effective to all people. Also this is the best workout for a quick result. We would like to bring Japanese Bone Stretch all over the world, and to make people happy!

Basic Japanese Bone Stretches your body wish you'd do every day!